Use Coconut Oil for Nontoxic Natural Beauty Care While Expecting


When it comes to natural beauty for expecting mothers, coconut oil is the holy grail. This nourishing oil is safe for use in expectant mothers for a wide range of applications, including hair and skin care. It is both gentle and soothing and may be applied directly to the body.


Learn more about the benefits of coconut oil and how it helps nourish dry hair and prevent stretch marks.

Coconut Oil for Hair Care

Coconut oil can be used to repair dry and damaged hair as well as soften and prevent stretch marks on the belly. During pregnancy, women often experience changes in their hair texture and growth. Most find that due to the rise of estrogen, their hair grows more quickly, is stronger, and more healthy. These changes are often short-lived, however. After giving birth, estrogen levels drop rapidly, leading to dry, brittle hair, and in some cases, hair loss.


Coconut oil is rich in caprylic and lauric. These fatty acids are ultra-moisturizing, making them an excellent solution for dry, brittle hair. As an added benefit, massaging coconut oil into the scalp also allows it to penetrate the cuticles on the fingertips, leading to healthier nails!

Moisturizing Hair and Scalp with Coconut Oil

Before washing your hair, apply coconut oil to the scalp. Massage it in for about three minutes. Using a comb, comb the hair from the root to the ends to distribute the oils evenly throughout the hair shaft. Place a warm towel over your head and allow the oil to sit for up to thirty minutes and then wash as usual. You may repeat this process once or twice a week.

Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks

As your pregnant belly expands, your skin expands with it. If the skin is dry, rapid expansion can lead to stretch marks. Daily full-body moisturizing is highly recommended to aid in the prevention of stretch marks and to increase skin elasticity, and coconut oil could be a big help.


It’s wise to continue using coconut oil, even postpartum, to help your skin “snap back” to its original state.

Coconut Oil as a Skin Cleanser

Skin changes during pregnancy can be attributed to hormone fluctuations. Help your skin by washing it regularly, especially the face. Coconut oil makes for a great moisturizing facial cleanser that’s gentle on the skin.


Rub coconut oil in between the palms. Apply directly to the face. Massage in gentle, small circular motions. Wet a muslin cloth with warm water and wipe the oil from the face. Pat dry with a soft towel.

Expecting mothers all over the world are raving about coconut oil and how it helps nourish dry hair and prevent stretch marks. It’s an all-natural product that is a genuine health and beauty staple. To check out some more tips on the journey to giving birth to life, be sure to see our blog!