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I can’t tell you how much I’m in love with life! I have an exceptional family including our Golden Retriever, Myla, and a fulfilling career that I can easily and joyously wake at 2 AM to venture into the cold New England weather for! In past careers I’d slowly drag myself out of bed and sneer at the winter wonderland during morning commutes. But today when I get the call to join a couple ready to meet their new addition, I leap out of bed, dress in a jiff, and excitedly travel countless miles to reach them!


I was inspired to birth work after spending cozy nights listening my mother’s vivid birth stories. I was the last of 4 children and recall my mother gleaming with love and pride when she shared her stories, confessing, “You’ll never fully understand what love is until you have children of your own.”


​The day I met Brendon in January 2003, I knew I would marry him. And we’ve walked every winding path of life together since. We have 2 incredibly smart and witty children — they must get the quick wit from their dad because I’m a total nerd


​Merrick’s birth was a planned home birth-hospital non-emergent transport in 2011. In that hospital room along with a Midwife-turned-doula, Nurse Midwife, and my husband, I birthed my sweet boy along with a new definition of love — unconditional and beyond comprehension.  And it was then that my mother’s words deeply resonated.


In 2013, our daughter Everleigh was born into my husband’s hands – experiencing the beautiful home water birth we wished for. It was simultaneously peaceful, and yet wild! I was grateful to have my son present during labor and birth, and looking back, making extra effort to have my mom witness it before her passing really puts a perfect little bow on it all. 


When I’m not spending time with birthing families, I’m is deeply involved in my own, both at home and with my extended family in church where we have participated in music ministry and children’s studies.


View more about our family here at Imperfect Joy by Melody Joy.



The Journey

How I achieved what I have and how I can help your on your journey

There are several pathways to becoming a homebirth Midwife. I have chosen a pathway of traditional Midwives by graduating an 18-month unaccredited course in Basic Midwifery with the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance in 2013 and apprenticing with certified professional Midwives across the state since 2015. This process has allowed me to begin a portfolio to be considered to sit for the National Licensing exam with the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). The portfolio has 4 phases; Observation, Assistant under supervision, Primary under Supervision, and Primary Continuity of Care. 

I have completed all 4 phases.  I am accepting new home birth clients under the supervision of at least one fully-qualified certified professional Midwife and preceptor. These Midwives attend many of the prenatal and postpartum visits as well as your birthing day.

Every baby deserves a warm welcome.  Families are beginning to seeking more respectful, parent-centered care where they are fully informed of the current evidence for maternity practices, are given the opportunity to weigh the benefit-versus-risk and how they may also align with their own personal ethics and beliefs to make the best choice for their family. 

buy fda approved Clomiphene online Vanessa has been trained in the following programs:

  • In-Person Labor Doula Training by toLabor
  • Birth Doula through Madriella
  • Birth Doula training with Warm Welcome Birth
  • Neonatal Resuscitation, BLS / CPR certified
  • Basic Midwifery with the Massachusetts Midwives Alliance
  • Certified Lactation Counselor
  • Placenta Encapsulation with IPPA
  • Evidence-Based Birth® Instructor
  • Birth Photography

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