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Online & Private in-home Childbirth Classes

Pregnancy is an exciting chapter of life. It can also be a time of doubt, fear, and anxiety. Our mission is to empower mothers to feel confident, capable, and strong throughout their pregnancy and birth by providing quality care that is individually tailored to their needs.

order gabapentin uk We offer private classes in client homes for:

Prepared Childbirth · Natural Childbirth · Comfort Measures · Evidence Based Birth® · Breastfeeding / Bottle Feeding 101 · Newborn Ready

Gucheng Chengguanzhen We offer online classes for:

Evidence Based Birth® Savvy Parent · Prepared Childbirth (Coming soon)  · Comfort Measures  (Coming soon) · Newborn Ready  (Coming soon)

We offer group classes:  Please inquire for dates and locations.



Should I take a Childbirth Class?

Empower yourself with the knowledge of what to expect when you’re expecting

In February 2016, a study presented at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine’s annual meeting showed that women who took a childbirth education class or had a birth plan were more likely to have a vaginal delivery than women who didn’t. Vaginal delivery is less invasive than a C-section, and it tends to lead to shorter hospital stays, lower infection rates, and quicker recovery.

At New Life Blessings, our childbirth education classes can help you understand all the possible situations you may find yourself in, and help you feel confident making choices in each situation to help ensure a healthy delivery for you and baby. We put family first, making sure that each and every family that reaches out to us is properly educated for the birthing challenges that lie ahead.

Families aren’t always sure what to expect when labor begins. There are a lot of birth myths which have established anxiety and fear in our society. Childbirth education helps prepare them to know what to expect with normal physiological birth, the mechanics, and pain relief options. Of course, there are more than a few options for deciding which class is the most appropriate for your pregnancy and upcoming birth.

Before you choose a class, our doulas can help you decide by reviewing the following questions:

•    What is the instructor’s philosophy about labor and birth?

•    What topics are included in the curriculum?

•    Will my partner learn how to play an active role in labor and birth?

•    What is the cost?

•    How many couples will be in the class?

•    How often will the class meet?

•    Will various birth philosophies be taught in the class?

•    Will a mother wanting an unmedicated birth learn coping skills for pain relief?

•    Will a mother wanting an epidural learn how to cope with a medicated labor and birth?

• How does this class differ from other offered types of childbirth classes?

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