Kind Words

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“Having Vanessa by my side during my pregnancy, labor and delivery made all the difference. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and medical interventions for a while and was not sure how I would be able to survive my pregnancy. Vanessa was amazing at calming me down, answering my many questions and cheering me on as the weeks went by. Her great love for natural childbirth encouraged both my husband and I to embrace labor together. My hubby was very hands on this time around and we both drew support from Vanessa during the most difficult moments. We both know that I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did to birth my son if it wasn’t for Vanessa. I highly recommend having a doula when giving birth and think that every mom should have a Vanessa to walk them through it. Our family is complete for now, but should God say otherwise I’ll be calling Vanessa again!!”

Sarah Rogers
"every mom should have a Vanessa..."

“Vanessa was a fantastic doula! She helped us through some of the emotional issues that we had surrounding my emergency CS in 2010 and helped us prepare for our VBAC. She was always available to talk, text and email and addressed all my concerns immediately, often emailing information that was extremely helpful in addressing my concerns. Vanessa joined us for in home visits to prepare for our birth, and came to our home prior to going to the hospital on delivery day to help us stay home as long as we could. She worked with us on positioning, massage, and her soft but firm encouragement was especially helpful. Thank you Vanessa for be a wonderful addition to our VBAC birth!”

Cate Potenza
"Vanessa was a fantastic doula.. A wonderful addition to our VBAC birth!"

“I can honestly say that you were a HUGE support to both Jay and I during our pregnancy, a very challenging birth and afterwards. From coming to my house very late at night to support my early labor, staying by my side for a LONG labor/delivery to being there postpartum for tips and advice. We are so grateful. I KNOW without a shadow of doubt, that I would not have been able to get through the birth without you. Thank you Vanessa, for reminding Jay to tell me if we had a boy or a girl! That still makes me laugh to this day.
The experience was amazing, we highly recommend you and hold you dear in our hearts. For those wondering if they should use Vanessa, the answer is YES! She is amazing, knows her stuff and best of all, her personality is more of a best friend than just a professional. “

Candace Edwards
"personality is more of a friend than just a professional"

“Vanessa is such a kind and gentle soul, perfect for this line of work! She was super knowledgeable, kind, and patient. She was always 100% prepared and made you feel like her friend right from the start. She was so amazing and encouraging! Made me feel so much more relaxed and confident…Plus she gave me a few different soothing techniques for a crying baby! My husband and I highly recommend her for any of your birth needs!”

Lisa Aube
"perfect for this line of work!"

What can I say? It’s like Vanessa was an angel sent to me when I needed her the absolute most. The support she gave me went way beyond simple education and coaching during my labor; Vanessa met with me many times and would sit with me and answer all of my questions even if it took a few hours. When I told her about some personal trauma I had been through in the pregnancy, she didn’t give me a cold and clinical response, she reached over the table, grabbed my hands with tears of empathy in her eyes, and prayed for healing for myself and my soon to be born son. She even let me borrow her birthing pool and agreed to work with me on payments as she knew that my financial situation wasn’t the best. She put helping me first and wasn’t watching the clock or concerning herself with costs. She genuinely cared about giving me peace of mind through expert education and always found a way to reassure my fears about birth with information and humor. When I went into labor, she was right there and stayed with me until after my son was born and helped me stay level and positive during the whole birth. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is a stellar doula and wonderfully caring person. If you want someone who is knowledgeable, professional, warm, hard working, and has the stamina to give continuous support no matter how long it takes your baby to arrive, you want Vanessa Lewis! None of this is exaggeration and I am so blessed that I was able to work with her. I had serious, serious anxiety about labor and she was able to council me, calm me, and guide me through the entire process, right up to the moment my son was in my arms, and then she offered placenta encapsulation and breastfeeding help at a postpartum visit afterwards. She is just outstanding and I don’t know what I would have done without her! Vanessa is more than a doula, she is an incredibly caring, reliable person who will always be there for you and knows exactly how best to help you.”

Katie Broquard
"an angel sent to me when I needed her..."

I am a younger mama and did a lot of reading on natural labor and giving birth and in all my research the one thing that everyone recommended was a qualified doula. My husband and I were on the fence about this because my husband felt that a doula would in someway take away from his “role” as primary support during labor and I wasn’t convinced a doula was worth the money we would put out. I waited until I was 35 weeks pregnant to contact Vanessa and she got back to me immediately. I really wanted someone who knew what they were doing, was able to take charge if the situation presented itself but was able to be almost a fly on the wall so my husband didn’t feel left out. Vanessa was perfect! She made us both feel so comfortable, knew when to make herself known and offer advice but let my husband really shine. My labor progressed pretty quickly and we called Vanessa when I started panicking that labor was actually happening. It was so just so unbelievably reassuring for a first time mama to know someone was with me at home that knew what was going on. At the hospital it was a whirlwind, but she stayed until my baby boy was born and to make sure she was no longer needed. She was essential in making sure my midwife and nurses knew my birth plan as my husband was so swept up in the events it wasn’t his priority and I was uncapable of really anything but getting through contractions. The details of my labor and birth are not needed, all you need to know about Vanessa is you won’t be disappointed and a doula is worth every penny!!! My husband was even recommending her to his friends.

Kristi Ressler
"My husband was even recommending her to his friends!"
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