How To Protect Your Home Without Waking the Baby

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This is a little out of the scope of my normal blog articles but is a topic often asked. What can I do to help us all sleep at night? Parents of young children get little enough sleep as it is, and a bump in the night won’t help. If you’re anything like me, you’re watching Criminal Minds once your babies are put to bed. And then left to worry.

Parents often feel an obligation to take measures to keep their family safe, but not all solutions are created equal. Some alarm systems are overly sensitive and will wake a sleeping infant at the slightest disturbance. Shuffling down the hall with a baseball bat can have the same effect. Here are a few ideas that won’t keep you – or your tiny lookalike – up at night.


Why Traditional Alarms Aren’t Always the Best Choice

Traditional home security systems are loud because they are designed to scare away intruders, but they are most effective when dealing with less experienced intruders. An intruder with more experience knows that they still have time to steal items or harm your family if that’s what they came to do. The answer to these issues may be to consider installing a silent security alarm.


The Advantages of Silent Alarms

You’re already aware that a traditional alarm alerts not only you but the intruders as well. This means that they have time to flee with your valuables before the police arrive to catch them in the act. When this happens, there is a very low chance that your valuables will be recovered. Having a silent alarm alerts you when there is an intruder in your home without alerting the intruder. The best part about this is that modern alarm systems can be armed with a key fob or a smartphone app, giving you an added level of security.

Key fobs and smartphone apps typically come equipped with a silent panic alarm as well. If you are trapped in your home with an intruder and unable to trigger your home’s alarm system, this is a handy feature to have. Another advantage is that a silent alarm is much harder for an intruder to disable. Many intruders know how a traditional security alarm works, so they are able to disable the system before an alert is sent out to the police.


Live-Stream Camera Systems

Stiff competition in the home security industry has drastically brought prices down on camera systems. Modern systems are not only motion-activated but can provide a live feed to your smartphone or tablet. This way, you can inspect noises in your home without leaving the comfort of your bed. Added benefit – checking in on your sneaky midnight snackers! In my household, this tends to be my husband.


Sleep Classes

Nothing can compare to quality sleep education so that can help you can help support your children into healthy sleep habits. Understand what is normal for newborn sleep and how you can best support their development of circadian rhythms.


You’re sure to appreciate the peace and security a silent security system brings to your life. You’ll love the silence of the alarm itself as well. This type of alert means that you’ll no longer have to deal with loud false alarms waking your sleeping baby, and that’s a bonus you’re sure to enjoy. If you enjoyed this or you would like to continue educating yourself about young parenthood, consider one of our pregnancy and parenting courses such as Understanding Your Newborn.