Infertile? Parenthood Is Still An Option

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There’s nothing more devastating than the loss of a child – in this instance, we’re speaking of loss before conception. Being told that you can’t have a child of your own may feel as though you’ve been dealt a bad hand in life when you have so much love to offer a child. Here are some options that you should consider so that you can still experience the joys of parenthood.


Even if you or your partner can’t carry your baby, there is always the option of surrogacy. This is where another woman will carry your baby. There are a variety of methods when it comes to surrogacy, and your baby may be genetically related to one or both parents. Resources like can help you find the perfect surrogate to carry your child.

Egg or Sperm Donation

In some cases, there may be a problem with only one partner in the relationship. This leaves the door open for the possibility of a donation of either an egg or sperm. Services like Egg Donor Connections often allow you to choose your donor, although intended parents and donors can’t meet due to anonymity requirements. In some instances, you may be able to carry your own child, while in other cases it may need to be paired with surrogacy in order to deliver a healthy baby.


You may just be struggling to conceive a child naturally. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one option in which the best egg is selected and fertilized in a lab. The doctors will implant the fertilized embryo so that the pregnancy can proceed in a normal fashion. Some couples will even use IVF with a surrogate so that they may become parents.

Fostering to Make a Difference

There are thousands of kids in the foster care system that are in need of a stable home. Joining KidsPeace or another foster organization can be a very rewarding experience knowing that you’re giving these kids a chance at a new life. The downside is that you may grow attached to them. Fortunately, there is often an option to adopt them if their biological parents decide to sign over their parental rights.


An adoption agency like Adopt US Kids can help you realize your dream of parenthood. It can take years if you’re looking to adopt a baby. Adopting an older child is something that you may want to consider. Many of these children are struggling to find the right family. They may be overlooked because they are considered too old by many other couples.


You don’t have to look longingly at every child you see or avoid attending your friends’ baby showers because it hits a pang of despair in your chest. There are lots of options if you’re struggling to become a parent. A diagnosis of infertility doesn’t have to squash your dreams for parenthood. 

If you are struggling with trying to conceive and haven’t been diagnosed with a medical reason for infertility, sometimes adjusting your diet, exercise, and even adding herbal supplement support can be a game changer. Let hope carry you as you choose the path best for you.


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