How To Not Spend All Night Hovering Over Your Baby’s Crib


New Life Blessings has a holistic family-centered parenting approach. Every family is different and we aim to share a varied spectrum of methods that can help you find the best path for your family. We always like to touch upon new gadgets and such, but always try to balance with instinctual thinking. If your baby is healthy after birth, co-rooming/co-sleeping and co-bedding may be better options for sleep-deprived parents. Babies sleep better, parents sleep better and parents respond better! Moms tend to be light sleepers and will hear when baby wakes, often before crying, which helps success with breastfeeding.  In this article, we’d like to focus on the families having some anxiety about their little one being out of their arms, as well as those with high medical needs. Instead of watching your baby get the ZZZs you should have too, there are apps to rely on for monitoring.

If you’re a new parent, the amount of things that you need to learn might seem overwhelming, from feeding to bedtime and everything in between. Here are a few tools and techniques for monitoring your sleeping child.

Using Technology and Apps to Monitor Your Baby

When we think of smartphones, we envision all the different things that can be done with them such as keeping up with friends and family on social media, paying bills, making reservations, checking the weather, and so on. However, our phones are capable of so much more than just menial, simple tasks. With the use of apps and devices, a smartphone can be used to fully monitor your baby even when you’re not physically in the same room.


Apps can provide a range of functionality for remotely keeping tabs on your baby including watching and listening as they sleep, comforting and speaking to your baby, and even monitoring your little one’s vital signs. Amazingly, this can all be accomplished with your smartphone.

How a Sock Monitor Can Provide Realistic Surveillance

At one time, baby monitoring devices were essentially designed based on technology similar to “walkie-talkies,” where parents could listen to their babies via radio signals over the air. These days, walkie-talkies have been replaced by more advanced technology; even products that can allow you to monitor your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate.


Sock monitors are quickly becoming more popular in the parenting scene, as they add an entirely new level of supervision. A sock monitor enables parents to keep real-time tabs on their babies’ health as they sleep through the night. Pairing this level of surveillance with a sound-enabled video feed is currently the best thing you can do to keep a close eye on your baby without actually being in the same room.

Your Baby’s Happiness Leads to Your Happiness

As a parent, you probably understand the statement, “My child’s happiness dictates my happiness,” better than anyone. When you can have peace of mind in knowing your baby is safe and happy, even when he/she is not in your immediate vicinity, it suddenly becomes a bit easier to rest and relax. With state-of-the-art baby monitoring, it’s easier than ever to ensure your child is happy, even when you can’t be around.