How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep at Eight Months Pregnant

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While you may have adjusted to your pregnancy during the first seven months, as you enter your eighth, things often become more complicated. The fetus will become more active at this stage and will often double in weight during the last four weeks. Remaining comfortable is difficult during this time and sleeping can become particularly difficult. However, getting a good night’s sleep is essential in your eighth month of pregnancy because it helps you to feel better, along with ensuring your unborn child remains strong and healthy. Here are some ways to make sleeping at night an easier process during this time.

Replace Your Bedroom’s Ancient Mattress

Zzzz’s. Zzz are VITAL! This is a great time to replace your bed’s old, degrading mattress with a more supportive one. At the same time, you might want to buy a new box spring for your bed. If you buy a high-quality box spring and mattress, these items will probably last for ten or more years. More than enough time to adjust to your newborn’s schedule and see you through sleepless nights with toddlers. This is an excellent investment, so you can also enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep during your eighth month of pregnancy and help you adjust after they are born. And if you have decided on co-bedding with your newborn – a version of cosleeping – a firm, comfortable mattress is essential as part of suggested safety.


Create a Relaxing Environment

The eighth month of your pregnancy is an excellent time to create a more relaxing bedroom. You may not have time to create a soothing environment after your baby is born, so make time to create a space you love now. After having your new bed delivered, it is time to replace the old bedding with new blankets, bedspreads, and sheets. You may want an entirely new décor scheme in your bedroom, so you can replace pictures along with hanging new curtains over the windows. Find ways to make your bedroom your own before your baby becomes a joyful permanent accent.


Visit a Day Spa for a Professional Massage

There is nothing like a SPA DAY! Now is the best time to treat your body to a professional massage. Make sure to inform the massage therapist about your pregnancy so they can plan bodywork that is appropriate at this stage. Many massage therapists who specialize in pregnancy massage will have a table or pillow-shaped specifically for your pregnant belly. If you can’t recline on your stomach, you can often recline on your back or with a pillow under a side to enjoy a much needed massage on your neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Alternatively, you can sit in a special chair while the therapist works on your tender back and hips.


Monitor Your Meal and Snack Times

During your eighth month of pregnancy, you may have problems with indigestion as the fetus grows and presses against your stomach. You should monitor your meal and snack times to avoid indigestion, especially at night. Instead of eating large meals, consume smaller meals and snacks. In addition, avoid spicy and greasy foods that can lead to indigestion.


Hire a Doula for Support

To have an easier pregnancy, you should hire a doula who understands how to help you with your mental and physical changes. A doula is typically a woman who may have had one or more children herself, but most importantly has specialized training to help you with problems such as poor-quality sleep during your eighth month. Doulas can provide an assortment of advice to help you sleep better each night as well as help plan the rest of your pregnancy and delivery.


It is important to sleep well at night during this stage of your pregnancy so you can enjoy the time you have before becoming a parent. If you’re anything like me, lost hours of sleep increase the grump. Use as many methods as possible to sleep better so you will have an easier and more comfortable childbirth and parenting experience.