You may have been hearing more about doulas in media or from friends & family, but you aren’t quite sure what the benefits of doula support are. So here are 5 clear cut reasons having a doula ROCKS!

1. Help you make Informed decisions

Doulas are not medical professionals, but they have a vast knowledge about birth and can help you navigate the confusing medical world. They will listen to your needs and help you create a tailored birth plan which reflects the birth you desire. During labor, they can help you understand suggestions given to you by staff and also think outside the box so that you can make the most informed decisions about your unique situation.

2. Continuous emotional and physical support during labor

Birth is hard work! You may not remember everything you learned in childbirth education, nor should you have to. Guiding you and your partner by offering physical techniques and emotional support can decrease discomfort and progress labor more quickly. It’s like having an open book and professor available on exam day.

3. Increased Medical Benefits

According to a study conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration which assessed birth experiences of over 15,000 women — women who have continuous support during labor are:

  • More likely to have shorter labors and give birth without vacuum or forceps
  • Less likely to need a Cesarean
  • Less likely to request pain medication
  • And their babies are more likely to thrive and have better APGAR scores

That brings us to #4.

4. Greater birth satisfaction

Being cared for, listened to, emotionally and physically supported – it’s everything you ever wanted from your spouse, am I right? What about for you and your baby?

5. Postpartum support

Let’s face it: the end result of pregnancy and labor is having a baby. This is about the rest of your life – you will be parents forever. After the birth of your baby, there may be new challenges during the first weeks of parenthood. Doulas provide a wide spectrum of support which may include, but is not limited to breastfeeding assistance, newborn care, help around the home cooking healthy meals, laundry, and emotional and physical support.

Curious how a doula can help you? Let’s explore!

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