5 Answers to Your Oddest Questions About Pregnancy

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During your first pregnancy, there might be a few questions about your body that you don’t want to ask. There are things that you will feel that might seem odd and things that you could see that will likely go away after your baby is born. Keep in mind that you should talk to your doctor as much as possible if you have any concerns or questions. This will help keep your doctor in the loop so they can monitor your health and the health of your baby.

Will I Have a Bowel Movement While in Labor?

While you’re delivering your baby, it’s common to have a bowel movement. Keep in mind that the delivery process is not for everyone to see. There are things that happen naturally during birth that you shouldn’t be concerned about, such as a bowel movement while you’re pushing. If you know that you’re going to be induced, you can lower the chances of this happening by going to the bathroom before you go to the hospital.

Is it Safe to Get in a Hot Tub While Pregnant?

This is a common question for many women who want to try to relax while they are pregnant. It’s typically recommended that you should avoid getting in a hot tub when you’re pregnant because of the high temperature of the water. However, if you do still go in a hot tub, you should keep in mind the condition of your baby and make adjustments to the temperature and time spent in the water based on which trimester you’re in.

Does Labor Really Hurt?

Some women think that labor doesn’t hurt as bad as what other women have stated. Even though there have been women in past decades who delivered babies without any kind of pain medication, it’s still a painful process to experience without an epidural. However, each experience is different, and each pregnancy that you experience will be different as well.

Can I Have Sex While Pregnant?

This is a common concern, especially for couples who enjoy being intimate together. Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with having sex while you’re pregnant. However, if you feel any sort of abnormal pain or feel any kind of unusual fluid leak, then you should go to the emergency room or visit your doctor.

How is Body Hair Managed?

It can be difficult to shave your legs or other areas of your body as you get closer to your due date. Many women either decide to just avoid shaving for the duration, while others get assistance from their partners. Whatever you decide, be sure to be careful and avoid shaving areas that you can’t see so you don’t experience any injuries.

There are many questions and concerns that women have while they are pregnant, even if they’ve been pregnant before. Although some of the questions that you have might seem embarrassing, most doctors have already heard them several times. Pregnancy and childbirth are natural, and the reward is worth the asking whatever questions that you have.