I am a wife and mother of 7 incredible kids and 1 perfect granddaughter (who was born at home into Mama and Mimi’s hands). I have been a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and have been attending birth for a little more than 15 years. I started attending births for friends and family as a doula then in 2012 decided I wanted to begin a career empowering women and catching babies. I started nursing school on a path to becoming a CNM and began reflecting on my own births. I realized that out of all the places I gave birth (birth center, hospital, and home) the best place and the best providers I had were when I gave birth at home. I had great CNM’s but the time I felt the most connected, the most empowered, was when I had my home birth. In 2014, I sought out a CPM preceptor to begin the process of becoming a home birth Midwife. Ultimately, I left nursing school and didn’t look back. Home birth is where I am meant to be! I love working with women and families. I love educating and supporting woman thru one of the most intimate times of their lives. I cannot imagine doing anything else!

I am currently an active member of the MMA and have helped to welcome around 100 babies into the world. I work with some amazing support midwives and together we provide loving, compassionate, empowering, quality care!

2014-Present Apprenticeship – Primary Midwife Under Supervision

2015-2016 Sacred Transitions Midwifery

2013-2015 MWCC RN Program

2012-2013 GCC Pre-Nursing

2014 DONA Birth Doula Training

2015 Indigo Birth Advanced Doula Training