The doula profession is still a best-kept secret despite its rapid growth and popularity over the last decade. There are some aspects to this job that are constant throughout the industry. We all support women in their childbearing year, either in pregnancy, in birth, or in the postpartum period. As professional doulas, we understand that while we are specialized in maternity care, we’re not a substitute for medical professionals and do not act or practice as such. We’re birth coaches who specialize in nurturing mothers. Collectively, our team has supported more than 300 families and counting.

To be specific, a doula is a non-medical part of the birth support team. She offers informational support, emotional support, and physical support to the laboring mom and her partner, prenatally, during labor, and during birth. A doula will get to know you and your wishes before the birth and can help you advocate for your choices during the birth. Every baby’s birth is the start of a new family. A doula can support all members of the family, including fathers, siblings, and grandparents, as they welcome their newest addition. Every woman deserves a doula – an extra heart and helping hand as she births her baby. We take care of the mother at a critical time when it may be hard for her to take care of herself.

Our doulas offer the following services:


Breathing Techniques

Emotional Support

Essential Oils & Herbals


Counter Pressure


VBAC/C-Sec Support

Communication Liaison

Breastfeeding Support

CPR & First Aid

Placenta Encapsulation

All of our doulas are trained by New Life Blessings owner Vanessa Ann Lewis. Vanessa has been certified in the following programs and practices:

  • Birth Photographer
  • In-Person Doula Training by toLabor
  • Certified Lactation Counselor
  • Student Home-Birth Midwife under supervision working towards CPM
  • Placenta Encapsulation Practitioner
  • Birth Doula through Madriella
  • Sensational Birth & Evidence-Based Birth® Instructor
  • Teaching Doula Comfort Measures for Birth at UMass Memorial Hospital

Vanessa’s professional experience has led to great success at New Life Blessings, including:

  • Attending 120 doula births as of June 2017
  • With our team collectively supporting more than 300 families and counting.
  • Assisting 26 families with postpartum care & breastfeeding support
  • Teaching Sensational Birth & Evidence-Based Birth® Savvy Birth
  • Teaching Doula Comfort Measures for Birth at UMass Memorial Hospital