A Holistic Approach to Boosting Fertility and Your Experience During Pregnancy


Isn’t it a woman’s desire to feel broody? What happens when your baby fever kicks in, and it has proved hell to conceive? Whether in your early twenties or early forties one can boost their fertility using natural essential oils.

To get maximum benefit from essential oils, one must know what hormones they need to boost. Specific plants contain phytohormones that have the ability to stimulate and increase pregnancy hormones since they also have similar hormones to human. By the end of this article, one should get ready to start a pregnancy journal.


If you have trouble relaxing, this oil is especially beneficial for you. It is commendable for balancing hormones and regulating your menstrual cycle. Also, it restores the mucous membrane to your uterine walls responsible for conception environment. It should be applied on the lower abdomen or the inside of your ankle.

Clary Sage

Is your sex mechanical and tasking? This is powerful oil that influences your estrogen levels as well as regulating hormones in a natural way making copulation enjoyable. Yes, it makes sex enjoyable! To help balance hormones, apply the oil on your feet and pulse points. One can also diffuse the oil in bath water for stress relieving and a good night sleep. Moreover, it is known to treat impotence.

Sweet Fennel

It regulates the menstrual cycle, especially where periods are scanty and painful. It’s a phytoestrogenic oil that is very effective in its ability to increase, regulate, and stimulate a certain level of fertility hormones.


It is inexpensive and easy to obtain as it grows practically anywhere. This is an essential oil that is known for healing ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, endometriosis caused by heavy flows. It also stimulates the uterus to bring on menstruation and still able to stop excessive blood flow. It’s infused in tea or boiling water for better results.

Ylang Ylang

When you feel like you are not attracted to your partner, or you lack sexual energy, ylang ylang should be your companion. It increases libido in both you and your partner and sets the mood for baby-making session. A combination of the above essential oils is called a dragon.

In conclusion, use of these essential oils can increase your chances of conception. By the time your next cycle comes around, you’ll be saved from the trouble of endless fertility drugs as well as mental health wreck due to infertility.

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